Bortram launches i horsebox

The first Horsebox ever where the living areas vital systems can be controlled and monitored from your smart phone or computer via GSM anywhere in the World.

You never have to worry about your domestic water FREEZING UP again or indeed the security of the vehicle. You can be alerted the minute the lorry detects a motion or a change of pressure, instantly phoning you with a direct video link-up to see the ‘intruder’. We can control a host of other systems within the vehicle which include a simple light and electric blinds over the windows to heating/air conditioning and dehumidification cycles to deal with varying climate conditions.

You can even monitor your horses via the remote CCTV Cameras with temperature sensors that you can put in your horses stable at home or at the show.

All sounds a bit complicated? NOT AT ALL! It’s purposely made to be as simple as using your phone. Inside there’s a very simple, full colour, touch screen control panel to set your various scenes. And, there’s good old fashioned switches.

Suggested ‘Scenes’ available can be configured as follows:

Daytime: Blinds up, Lights off, Water/heating system on, Auto Generator start up when required.

Early evening: Time to ‘SHOW OFF’ and propose a ‘Toast’ to todays winning’s (hopefully). Blinds electrically close down, back lite blue led lighting illuminates inside and out. Perfect, for your early evening pre-drinks and meal.

Night Time/Sleep time: Main lights off outside,Generator auto-start-up disabled, Subtle night time lighting to find your way to the ‘loo’ if necessary.

Holiday: When you walk away from the vehicle and plan on leaving it for a couple of days. Various CHARGING SYSTEMS are automatically deployed,

HOT WATER heater does a predetermined cycle and an electronic ISOLATOR switch to protect the vehicles batteries going flat.

CCTV automatically armed.

(Please note: Wi-fi connectivity is required for some monitoring systems. Some of the above operations are available at extra cost)

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